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International Surrogacy with

International Surrogacy with
International Surrogacy with
International Surrogacy with

About Us

Mission Statement

We are a team of experts and specialists united in a mission to help families grow through surrogate parenting services. We hope to provide you with our experience and knowledge to guide you through this emotional and exciting journey and to ensure a safe, legal, affordable, and supportive process.

Surrogacy is a very difficult endeavor and current rules and regulations in the US often add many complications and unpredictability. Regulations often cause the process to be not cheap. Georgia is one of the few countries in Europe that allows and properly regulates commercial international surrogate services.

Therefore, surrogacy in Georgia has proven to be a viable alternative for many families in the US seeking to undergo surrogacy. We have dedicated ourselves specifically to the processes supported by Georgian-based surrogacy infrastructure and we would be honored to help you and your family navigate every step of the way.

Our US office is based in Princeton, NJ, where a team of experienced coordinators work to manage and facilitate communication with the Georgian team and monitor your case. Professor Natalya Dashevsky, M.D., who heads the US team, is also available to oversee your first medical review.

Our main office is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and is headed by Professor Zaza Sinauridze, M.D., where he leads a team of Infertility and OBGYN specialists who are involved in the care for the surrogate mother.

We also have affiliate offices outside of the US to help non-US families with this process.

Why Georgia and Why Our Team

Currently, Georgia has favorable laws concerning parental protection in international surrogacy and gamete cell (egg or sperm) donors that protect the intended parents.

Our Services

Our Services

Below is an example of what you can expect from surrogacy in Georgia, Europe. Each family is different and we recommend you contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and aspirations and tailor a process specific to you and your family.

Donor Services

Our end goal is to provide you with a selection of the most suitable donors that match your family and meet all the requirements with the perfect surrogate.

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Medical Exams and Medications

PGS and PGD | Artificial / In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer | IVF/ICSI treatment | Blastocyst stage embryo trans.

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Surrogate Mother Selection and Support

Surrogate selection and support is crucial to a successful program for surrogate parenting.

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Necessary Legal Procedures

Our team of Georgian surrogate law attorneys will work closely with each case and take care of any necessary legal documents and procedures for international surrogacy services as per Georgian law.

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Fertilization with donor sperm is permitted:

  1. Owing to infertility, existence of the risk of genetic diseases inheritance on a husband’s part or for fertilization of a single woman, if has been obtained a written consent of an infertile couple or a single woman. In case of a child’s birth an infertile couple or a single woman are considered to be parents, with ensuing responsibility and authorities. Donor is not entitled to be recognized a father of a child born in the issue of the fertilization;
  2. Withdrawn (21.07.2010. N3553, shall come into operation from 1 December 2010).
  1. Extracorporal fertilization is permitted:
    1. For the purpose of infertility treatment, also, if exists the risk of genetic diseases inheritance on a wife’s or a husband’s part, with use of sex cells of a couple or a donor or an embryo, if has been obtained a written consent of a couple;
    2. If a woman does not have the uterus, by means of transfer of the embryo obtained in the issue of fertilization into the uterus of any other woman (surrogate mother) and its growth. Written consent of the couple is mandatory;
  2. In case of a child’s birth, a couple is considered to be parents, with ensuing responsibility and authorities; a Donor or a Surrogate mother are not entitled to be recognized the parents of a born child.

For the purpose of artificial fertilization it is possible to use a woman’s and a man’s sex cells or an embryo preserved by freezing method. Preservation time is defined by a couple’s wish, in the established order. 

Our Georgian team works in a state-of-the-art medical center which allows us to monitor and take care of surrogates throughout their pregnancy. We are able to provide options for donors or are ready to accept donated embryos and can provide the necessary special couriers to ensure the safety of the transfer.

surrogacy services

Reasonable price

Highly-trained team of professionals

Highly skilled staff and modern equipment

State-of-the-art laboratory equipment

Our Team

Our Doctors

Zaza Sinauridze, M.D.

Head of Perinatal Medicine Association
of Georgia – (Perinatology).

Professor of Tbilisi State Medical University, Department of OBGYN.

Director of “Pineo Medical Ecosystem” inpatient and outpatient medical center in Tbilisi.

Nataliya Dashevsky, M.D.

Internal Medicine physician in the US that is available to provide initial review of tests, medical, and psychological history for the patient and make sure that all required information is submitted to the Georgia office.

Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine.

Clinical Professor, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

America’s Best Doctors 2019.

Best Doctors by Who’s Who US congress.

How to

Step by Step Process

Step 1
Contact Us
We will answer all your questions about international surrogacy programs and begin exploring this process with you.
Step 1
Step 2
Personalized Plan
After initial consultation, we will arrange a meeting between you and our coordinator to discuss your options and build a personalized plan of a surrogate parenting program for your family.
Step 2
Step 3
First, we begin our search for your matching surrogate. Once the surrogate is selected, we will proceed with thorough medical testing of surrogates. The medical data we collect will be made available for your review.

The next step is for you to receive a medical exam by a physician at your convenience. The results of your tests will be reviewed by our team’s US physician who will relay them to our fertility clinic in Georgia.

We can also begin a search for an egg and/or sperm donor if needed, and you are welcome to choose donors from our database of carefully pre-screened donors.

All test results will be reviewed and any need for further testing determined. At this point, a custom surrogacy plan will be created and implemented.
Step 3
Step 4
Signing of Contracts
Our team includes a local attorney in Georgia who specializes in Georgian surrogacy program law and works closely with each plan, drafting a contract for your review. We certainly try do our best to cover all eventualities, but we advise everybody to also consult their own attorney in the US.

If you are interested in visiting Georgia during this step - which we strongly recommend - we will fully coordinate your trip (we will arrange lodging and transportation) and schedule all your meetings with the doctors, clinic, and surrogate mother. If needed, we will handle the logistics of transporting the frozen semen/embryos to our clinic.
Step 4
Step 5
Once your pregnancy is confirmed, our staff will schedule and carry out all medical visits/tests and make sure your child is well taken care of. We will also send you updates of any development related to you, the surrogate mother, and your baby.
Step 5
Step 6
Once your baby is born, we will arrange your trip to Georgia to be united with your child. In addition, our office will assist you with securing the child’s Birth Certificate where you are named as parent(s), as per standard Georgian procedure of surrogacy services. We will also arrange all the necessary documents for you to present at your respective embassy in order to receive your baby’s passport for a safe and happy return home.
Step 6


We recommend this service to anyone we meet looking for a surrogacy Program, you guys are absolutely amazing! Despite having our little Connor born in Georgia we were updated every minute and felt highly included.
Susan and Emanuel
Working with StartYourSurrogacy has been incredibly efficient. I never expected the process to end up being so quick. I am forever grateful!
The team here consists of some of the warmest and kindest people I have ever met, we both feel so lucky to have dealt with StartYourSurrogacy. Choosing surrogacy wasnt easy but working with this wonderful Program was truly a blessing.
Juliana and Lauren

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