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About us


We are a team of experts and specialists united on a mission to help families grow through surrogacy. We hope to lend our experience and knowledge to guide you through this emotional and exciting journey and to ensure a safe, legal, and supportive process.

Surrogacy is a very difficult endeavor and the current US rules and regulations often add a lot of complications and unpredictability. In some cases, regulation causes the process to be cost-prohibitive. Georgia is one of the few countries that allows and properly regulates commercial surrogacy. Therefore, Georgian surrogacy has proved to be a viable alternative to many US families seeking to undergo surrogacy. We have dedicated ourselves specifically to the processes and infrastructure of surrogacy in Georgia and we would be honored to help you and your family navigate every step of the way.

Our mission is to provide you with the best legally approved surrogacy services and make this journey as easy as possible. Come join our family!

Our US office is based in Princeton, NJ, where a team of experienced coordinators work to manage and facilitate communication with the Georgian team and monitor your case. Professor Nataliya Dashevsky M.D., who heads the US team, is also available to oversee your first medical review.

Our main office is in Tbilisi, Georgia and is headed by Prof. Zaza Sinauridze, M.D., where he leads a team of Infertility and OBGYN specialists who are involved in the care for the surrogate mother.

We also have affiliate offices outside of the US to help non-US families with this process.

Why Georgia and Why Our Team

Currently, Georgia has favorable laws concerning parental protection in surrogacy and gamete cell (egg or sperm) donors that protect the intended parents.

Fertilization with donor sperm is permitted:

  1. Owing to infertility, existence of the risk of genetic diseases inheritance on a husband’s part or for fertilization of a single woman, if has been obtained a written consent of an infertile couple or a single woman. In case of a child’s birth an infertile couple or a single woman are considered to be parents, with ensuing responsibility and authorities. Donor is not entitled to be recognized a father of a child born in the issue of the fertilization;
  2. Withdrawn (21.07.2010. N3553, shall come into operation from 1 December 2010).
  1. Extracorporal fertilization is permitted:
    1. For the purpose of infertility treatment, also, if exists the risk of genetic diseases inheritance on a wife’s or a husband’s part, with use of sex cells of a couple or a donor or an embryo, if has been obtained a written consent of a couple;
    2. If a woman does not have the uterus, by means of transfer of the embryo obtained in the issue of fertilization into the uterus of any other woman (surrogate mother) and its growth. Written consent of the couple is mandatory;
  2. In case of a child’s birth, a couple is considered to be parents, with ensuing responsibility and authorities; a Donor or a Surrogate mother are not entitled to be recognized the parents of a born child.

For the purpose of artificial fertilization it is possible to use a woman’s and a man’s sex cells or an embryo preserved by freezing method. Preservation time is defined by a couple’s wish, in the established order. 

Our team in Georgia operates in a state-of-the-art medical center, enabling us to monitor and provide care for surrogates throughout their pregnancy. The medical center is a newly built private hospital that is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, making it the best maternity ward and neonatal care unit in Georgia. Our in vitro fertilization unit is staffed with the best internationally trained physicians in Georgia. All our equipment is cutting-edge and was updated in 2023. We offer options for donors and are equipped to accept donated embryos, providing the necessary special couriers to ensure safe transfer.

Georgia is a perfect environment for healthy embryonic growth  because of its commitment to clean surroundings, organic products, and family oriented culture. Additionally, Georgia provides visa-free travel for US passport holders, meaning you will be free to visit your surrogate mother at any moment. You will also be able to enjoy all that Georgia has to offer – from its gorgeous landscapes, to its ancient wine-making traditions, to its beautiful and welcoming people.

Our Team

Our Doctors

Zaza Sinauridze, M.D.

Head of Perinatal Medicine Association
of Georgia – (Perinatology).

Professor of Tbilisi State Medical University, Department of OBGYN. 

Director of “Pineo Medical Ecosystem” inpatient and outpatient medical center in Tbilisi.

Nataliya Dashevsky, M.D.

Internal Medicine physician in the US that is available to provide initial review of tests, medical, and psychological history for the patient and make sure that all required information is submitted to the Georgia office.

Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine.

Clinical Professor, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

America’s Best Doctors 2019.

Best Doctors by Who’s Who US congress.