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7 Tips of Creating Surrogacy Birth Plan for Intended Parents

The child’s birth is an anxious moment that future parents look forward to. After all, they have gone through such a long and challenging journey of the surrogate program.  It
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Surrogate Mother Without an Agency: Risks, Benefits, and Cost of Independent/Private Surrogacy

Surrogacy is quite a long, complicated journey. But the end of this adventure will be a happy one for the intended parents.  Agencies help to make it easier, but their
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Does PGD Really Help To Prevent Genetic Disorders? PGD Testing Pros and Cons

Due to the progress in reproductive medicine, it is now possible to solve the infertility problem. For many couples, IVF has become a real chance to fulfill a cherished dream
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How a Surrogate Mother Can Help 2 Gay Dads Have Biological Twins

Thanks to IVF and surrogacy, homosexual couples can have children. But what if both men in such a couple want to be biological parents? Can you have surrogate twins with
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What Intended Parents Need to Know About Surrogacy Insurance Coverage

Finding a suitable carrier for gestational surrogacy is not an easy task. Once this important step is completed, it is important for future parents to arrange their plans in regard
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Surrogacy Matching Process: How to Prepare for the First Meeting With Your Surrogate

A surrogacy program is an incredibly mindful process, as it can be a difficult decision to make. Any potential surrogate must meet our criteria regarding age, mental/physical health, and lifestyle.
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