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How a Surrogate Mother Can Help 2 Gay Dads Have Biological Twins

Thanks to IVF and surrogacy, homosexual couples can have children. But what if both men in such a couple want to be biological parents? Can you have surrogate twins with two fathers? Let’s explore what the answer to this question gives modern reproductive medicine.

How high is the chance of becoming gay dads with surrogate twins?

In order to understand whether such a chance exists, you should have an idea of how twins are born. A woman can have two or more children in one pregnancy. There are identical (monozygotic) twins. One zygote is formed from one egg and one sperm. It later divides into two eggs. This creates two embryos that develop into two fetuses.

There are also fraternal (dizygotic) twins. In this case, two sperm fertilize two separate eggs. Two eggs in one cycle can occur as a result of hyperovulation. It is worth noting that the genes of identical twins are 100% matched, while those of identical twins are only 50% the same.

And here the main question arises: “Is it possible to have surrogate twins from two dads?” 

Yes, it is. But they will be fraternal twins. There have been known cases where, after a DNA test on twins to determine paternity, it was found that they had different fathers. This occurs when a woman has had sex with two different men during the period of hyperovulation. This effect is called heteropaternal superfecundation. 

Thanks to this phenomenon, it is possible to fertilize two different eggs with sperm from two different men and transfer the embryos into one woman’s uterus. The paternity of twins is determined by a DNA test, which can be performed both before and after the twins are born.

Tips for Gay Dads Considering Twins in Their Surrogacy Journey

If you and your spouse have decided on such a responsible step, you should think about and discuss all the nuances of having surrogate twins with 2 fathers beforehand. Pay special attention to the following aspects of the program:

How does IVF for gay fathers look?

The IVF procedure itself for same-sex couples with twins is no different from the usual one. The egg is fertilized with sperm in the laboratory, and then the embryo is then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. For this procedure, the couple will need a donor egg, sperm from one or both partners, and a surrogate. If one or both men in the couple have an infertility problem or other conditions affecting reproductive function, you will also need to use donor sperm.

But gay male couples may have the dilemma, “Who will be the biological father of the child?” This means choosing whose sperm will be used for fertilization. Typically, during a couple’s first surrogacy program, they choose an older partner to be the father. But alternatively,  a couple can have surrogate twins with two fathers during the one surrogacy journey.

Do you both want to be the biological fathers of the children?

If you do decide to have twins, and each of you wants to be the biological father of one of the children, this will require some changes in the process of fertilization of the eggs. Specifically, the eggs you receive will need to be divided into two groups. One group would use the sperm of one father to fertilize them, while the other group would use the sperm of a second father. After that, the embryos from both groups will be transferred to the uterus of the surrogate giving birth to twins. If this procedure is successful, in 9 months, you will become the happy parents of twins.

Do you want to use frozen or fresh sperm?

In some cases, it is more convenient to use frozen sperm for artificial insemination. This is especially true for couples who use another country for their surrogacy journeys. In any case, a specialist will be able to give you the most detailed advice on this issue.

Do you need PGS?

On the one hand, such a test would increase the cost of a surrogate parenting program. But with preimplantation genetic screening, abnormalities that could cause serious diseases in the future can be detected before the embryo is implanted. This allows implanting only the healthiest and most viable embryos, increasing the odds of a successful pregnancy. It is also possible to determine the sex of the future child. Some parents want to have both a son and a daughter at the same time.

Who will be your surrogate?

After the intended parents have chosen a clinic and surrogate agency, one should decide on a surrogate mother. There are several factors to consider: age, health condition of the intended surrogate mother, bad habits and lifestyle in general, if she has family and children. Sometimes this search can take months and be very stressful and exhausting. Therefore, it is better to consult with an agent. In some cases, the surrogate search can be outsourced to a surrogate agency or clinic.

Does a surrogate mother agree to deliver surrogate twins by different dads?

In this case, the surrogate expects a more complicated fertilization process, more risks during pregnancy and delivery. Ask her beforehand if she is ready for this and if she is aware of all the possible complications for her body.

The likelihood of a dual surrogacy instead of a twin pregnancy

As an alternative to a double pregnancy, two surrogate mothers may be considered to participate in the program, carrying one child from each spouse at a time. This method is considered simpler and less risky for the surrogate and the babies.

Are you ready to pay more for a surrogacy program?

It’s no secret that a surrogate program is quite expensive. But in the case of carrying twins, additional costs are waiting for the potential parents. First, you have to pay an increased surrogate fee. Secondly, the costs during a twin pregnancy are also doubled. At the same time, there are increased risks of OBGYNs. Childbirth and postnatal care costs may also increase.

Are you ready to take care of two children?

There is no doubt that children in the family are a great pleasure! But taking care of one child requires a lot of effort and time. It is even more challenging to care for two children. Twice as much food and diapers. Twice the responsibility. So, you should think thoroughly about this decision before starting a surrogacy program and discuss all possible difficulties with the clinic and the agency.

How much does it cost to have surrogate twins for a gay couple?

To end up calculating surrogacy costs, you should consider all the steps that it involves. The parents-to-be must pay for such services:

  • Search for a surrogate mother and her commission payment
  • Payment for a share egg donor
  • IVF fees
  • Fees for tests and screenings
  • Surrogate’s pregnancy and delivery costs
  • Legal fees

For homosexual dads with surrogate twins, the cost of the program increases significantly. The services of two surrogate mothers will cost you more than the birth of fraternal twins from one surrogate. In the first case, you will have to pay for the commission, medical tests, and the cost of the pregnancy of two women. But many families choose the second option for reasons of economy. 

Of course, you will have to pay more for the birth of twins from one woman; it is still less than two surrogate programs simultaneously. But the first option is safer for the babies, the woman who carries them. In the second option, there is a risk of premature birth, hence the additional cost of the NICU. All the advantages and disadvantages of both options are best discussed with your agency and doctor.

Surrogacy in the USA is very expensive. Not every family can afford it, especially when the aim is to deliver twins. As an alternative, you can choose countries where this procedure is cheaper. For example, in Georgia, the surrogacy program costs less, while the quality of medical services remains high.

Our Experience accompanies gay dads with surrogate twins from the beginning to the end of the surrogacy journey. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive information on any issue related to surrogacy. You will be able to learn about the benefits and the necessary conditions of participation in the program and likely risks.

After signing the contract, patients pass medical tests. They help determine whether the parents need to undergo additional infertility treatment and whether their sperm can be used for conception. Then, the woman is fertilized at our clinic. We keep observing her through the whole period of pregnancy until the child is born.

Our clinic takes care of all organizational, legal, and medical matters. provides the following services to its clients:

Search for egg and sperm donors

We have a large donor base. This allows us to find the right donor for you quickly. People whose material we use undergo a thorough examination.

Surrogate Search

We have very strict requirements for women who want to participate in the birth of other people’s babies. And for you, it’s an opportunity to avoid a long and stressful search for a surrogate.

Medical tests

Surrogate mom and future donor parents undergo all the necessary medical tests. In addition, in our clinic, you can order PGD and PGS testing.

Legal support

You will get legal advice concerning surrogacy. Our lawyers will help you to process all necessary documents. And after the newborn is delivered, you will receive the birth certificate, where you will be listed as the child’s legal parents. So, you can avoid adoption.

The clinic is located in Georgia. It is a wonderful country with a wonderful climate, pure ecology, and beautiful nature. All this, of course, will have a positive effect on the pregnant woman. The cost of a surrogate program in Georgia is much lower than in the USA or European countries. At the same time, in this country, the value of family is very high.


The process of surrogacy is quite complicated and involves many aspects. In order to realize the dream of a homosexual couple about a big family, it is necessary to take the medical challenge very seriously. In any case, you can rely on the team at We will offer you the best possible solution. After all, the happiness of our clients comes first for us.

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