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International Fertility Medical Tourism in Georgia​

There are many reasons to decide on medical tourism for IVF in Georgia. Sometimes it’s the last hope of having a baby. Legal prohibitions or very high service costs can affect the surrogacy. However, there is a way to avoid these obstacles.

What Is Fertility Medical Tourism?

Reproductive tourism is when a couple travels to another country for fertilization, pregnancy, and childbirth. Very often, the participants of fertility medical tourism in Georgia are those who would like to participate in the surrogacy program. Such service comes in handy when it is impossible to do so in their country due to:

  • High rate for medical services opposed to the reproductive tourism cost in Georgia;
  • Legal restrictions on artificial insemination in some countries as well as prohibitions on surrogacy programs;
  • Issues with parental rights to a baby born by a surrogate mother.

Reasons to Choose Georgia for Medical Tourism and Fertility Treatments

Reliable and high-quality service

Reproductive medicine in Georgia is well-developed, and you are guaranteed with high-level service. You won’t have to wait on a long line for a surrogate or donor because of the large base of donors in Georgia.

The latest fertility treatment programs and a high success rate

Georgian clinics use the latest assisted reproductive technology: egg retrieval, egg freezing, and preservation of embryos, ovarian stimulation, all the necessary tests, embryo transfer into the uterus.

No problem with English in Georgia

In big cities, Georgians speak English quite well. This means that the cost of fertility tourism in Georgia won’t be affected by a translator’s commission.

Georgia has good diplomatic relations with other countries

Thanks to the absence of conflicts between Georgia and the US and Europe, there won’t be any problems regarding IVF fertility tourism in Georgia.

Great tourist destination

International fertility tourism creates emotional tension and can be a little stressful. Georgia is a beautiful country with friendly and open people. You can visit beautiful places and enjoy the breathtaking views to relax and distract yourself from issues regarding infertility.

Visa-free policy

US citizens do not need a visa to visit Georgia. You can save time and money by arranging IVF medical tourism in Georgia and dealing with the goals that are important to you now.

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    Quality Care
    Our company employs high-level professionals: the lawyers will give you quality advice. At the same time, the doctors will provide you with proper treatment and professional care.
    Devotion to Clients
    We assist clients at all stages of international reproductive tourism in Georgia. We help find a surrogate mother and prepare all the necessary documents. The trip to Georgia to sign the contract, and later, to pick up your new-born child is also on us.
    Tailored Approach
    We offer an individualized approach to each client’s problem. For us, every patient is precious. We are fully aware of the problem you came to us with, so we do our best to help you.
    Legal Assistance
    We have professional attorneys in our team. They help you with signing a contract with a surrogate mother along with preparing a birth certificate where you are indicated as legal parents.
    Broad Choice in Donors and Surrogates
    StartYourSurrogacy has collected an extensive base with a wide choice of sperm and egg donors and surrogate mothers. That’s why we can find a perfect match for your couple.

    Our Location in Georgia

    StartYourSurrogacy fertility clinic is located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi—one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the country. It has a fascinating centuries-old culture and preserved authentic architecture that will make your stay unforgettable.

    Georgia is a very old country with a rich past and stunning nature. While doing fertility tourism and treatment in Georgia, you have a chance to visit many beautiful, ancient, historical places. Pay attention, that the clinic can’t help you make a travel plan or organize a tour guide, though.

    There are many sights worth visiting in Tbilisi: the old city, the fortress of Narikala, or the ancient sacred city of Mtskheta. If you have more time, you can go on a trip around the country and visit the incredibly beautiful Svaneti, the birthplace of winemaking Kakhetia, mountains, sea, and much more.