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Our services

We provide all the services required to get you a baby.

Our US medical staff will be available to review any medical documentation needed before beginning the process. Our staff will also handle all the documents needed once you arrive in Georgia (the surrogacy contract between the surrogate and yourself, the anonymous donor contract, and the baby’s birth certificate, etc). While we cannot provide legal assistance with the baby’s US Visa, we will prepare all of the necessary documents for a Visa application, and we are available to help you in the initial months with your new family.

Below is an example of what you can expect. Every family is different and we recommend you contact us directly so we can discuss your needs and aspirations and tailor a process specific to you and your family.

Donor Services

One of the most important decisions, especially in the case of a surrogacy abroad, is whether or not you will be using an egg donor. A good donor will improve your surrogate’s chances of getting pregnant on the first try.

Our network has numerous successful egg donors and we recruit new donors each month. All donors are fertile Georgian women between the ages of 20 and 33, who each have at least one child of their own. Each candidate undergoes a full range of tests and screenings that meet US surrogacy and donation standards, including blood tests, tests for infectious diseases, ultrasounds, hormone and genetic tests. You will be provided with the donors full medical history, obstetric history and previous donation results (if relevant). The donors’ contribution is highly respected, and their efforts are properly compensated. If one biological parent is a known carrier of any hereditary affliction, we will carry out tests to ensure the absence of two carrier statuses.

Our end goal that we are able provide you with a selection of the most suitable donors that match your family with the perfect surrogate.

Medical Exams and Medications

  • PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis): aimed to increase  pregnancy success and to avoid potential genetic diseases;
  • Artificial / In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer;
  • IVF/ICSI treatment;
  • Blastocyst stage embryo trans.

Surrogate Mother Selection and Support

Surrogate selection and support is crucial for a successful surrogacy. All surrogate mothers are required to be young physically and emotionally healthy women. Each candidate has already had at least one child of her own and has been thoroughly tested against various conditions and infections. Once selected, the surrogate mothers are in constant coordination with our team and we continue to monitor and support them throughout the pregnancy. They all receive pregnancy and maternity care as well as surrogate mother’s compensation (paid in escrow).

Necessary Legal Procedures

Our team of Georgian surrogate law attorneys will work closely with each case and take care of any necessary legal documents and procedures as per Georgian law. We will also prepare you with the necessary documents for applying for your child’s US visa and passport.