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Step 1

Contact Us

We can answer all your questions and begin exploring this process with you.

Step 2

Personalized plan

After initial consultation, we will arrange a meeting between you and our coordinator to discuss your options and build a personalized plan for your family.

Step 3


First, we begin our search for your surrogate. Once the surrogate is selected, we will proceed with thorough medical testing of surrogates. The medical data we collect will be made available for your review.

The next step is for you to receive a medical exam by a physician at your convenience. The results of your tests will be reviewed by our team’s US physician who will relay them to our fertility clinic in Georgia.

We can also begin a search for an egg and/or sperm donor if needed, and you are welcome to choose donors from our database of carefully pre-screened donors.

All tests results will be reviewed and any need for further testing determined. At this point, a custom surrogacy plan will be created and implemented.

Step 4


Our team includes a local attorney in Georgia, who specializes in surrogacy law and works closely with each plan, drafting a contract for your review. We certainly try to do our best to cover all eventualities, but we advise everybody to consult their own attorney in the US.

If you are interested in visiting Georgia during this step – which we strongly recommend – we will fully coordinate your trip (we will arrange for lodging and transportation) and schedule all your meetings with the doctors, the clinic and the surrogate mother. If needed, we will handle the logistics of transporting the frozen semen/embryos to our clinic.

Step 5


Once your pregnancy is confirmed, our staff will schedule and carry out all medical visits/tests and make sure your child is well taken care of. We will also send you updates of any development related to you, the surrogate mother, and your baby.

Step 6


Once your baby is born, we will arrange your trip to Georgia to be united with your child. And our office will assist you with securing the child’s Birth Certificate where you are named as parent(s), as per standard Georgian procedure. In addition, we will arrange all the necessary documents for you to present at your respective embassy in order to receive your baby’s passport for a safe and happy return home.