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Surrogate Mother Search Services

Who Needs Surrogate Mother Search Services?

Infertility has always been a relevant issue, even in today’s day and age. Couples can be unable to have children for a variety of reasons. But even in this difficult situation, reproductive medicine is a viable solution for couples to turn to. Suppose a couple wants to have a child, but one or both parents have a genetic condition. In cases like this, couples should consider surrogate mother finding services.

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child before giving it to another family. She usually is not the child’s biological mother and doesn’t have any parental rights. As a rule, fertilization takes place in a laboratory, and the surrogate will get compensation for her help.

Why would people need surrogate search services?

  • Age (if parents are over 40, the risk of various diseases for the child increases);
  • Absence of the uterus (congenital absence or surgical removal);
  • If a woman is taking medication that can negatively affect her pregnancy;
  • If pregnancy poses a threat to a woman’s life;
  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Same-sex couples want to become parents (often male);
  • General infertility.

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    Why Choose Us?

    The StartYourSurrogacy clinic already has extensive experience in reproductive medicine, and is continuously developing in this area as technology becomes more advanced.
    Our clinic is in an ecologically clean environment, which encourages a healthy pregnancy.
    Skillful professionals with deep expertise. You can be sure that you’ll receive the highest quality services at our clinic.
    We accompany you throughout the entire program. You’ll receive any surrogate mother search services, all necessary medical services, and help with legal issues.
    The most modern equipment benefits the quality of our medical services.
    We provide an individualized approach to solving infertility problems for each family.
    A large base of surrogate mothers and donors saves time with finding a surrogate.

    Process of Looking for a Surrogate at

    You can find a potential surrogate yourself and discuss the possibility of surrogate mother services with her. It could be a good friend who wants to help, or an agency can help you with your search for an additional cost.

    Instead of simply googling “surrogate mother wanted”, you can enlist the help of professionals in your search. It’s most convenient for you to use our services for couples looking for a surrogate mother. will help you find the right woman, perform all necessary tests, and help you through the entire program from beginning to end.

    The whole process of finding a surrogate mother includes the following steps:

    • The future parents contact the clinic and receive a detailed consultation regarding the surrogacy program.
    • Parents provide information about themselves (why they decided to seek help from a surrogate mother, whether they have any disorders, etc.);
    • We start searching for a potential surrogate mother within our database;
    • The surrogate mother meets the potential parents, either online or in-person. Parents determine whether they like the candidate, and is she is suitable for them;
    • We assess the psychological state of both the parents and the surrogate mother;
    • The parents and surrogate mother sign the contract, where any compensation and all of the conditions are determined;
    • The surrogate mother undergoes genetic testing before fertilization;
    • Fertilization with the fresh or frozen embryo.

    How We Find a Perfect Surrogate for Your Couple

    Our mission is to help people start a family and lead happier lives. We approach this process as responsibly as possible, so it’s our priority to find a surrogate mother who matches the standards of a particular couple or single parent.

    The basic requirements for a woman who wants to become a surrogate:

    • Age between 20 and 35 is the best for giving birth, and the woman is mature enough to make such decisions;
    • Good mental and physical health;
    • One or more healthy children of her own;
    • No bad habits that can influence the fetus;
    • Absence of contraindications to pregnancy and childbirth.

    When looking for a surrogate mother, the following aspects are crucial for us:

    • How consciously a woman approaches this decision because she will have to give up the child that she gives birth to. For this, the woman must be psychologically mature;
    • How well the future parents and surrogate mother get along;
    • Preferences of the intended parents provided at the first stage of the surrogacy program.

    Reasons to Search for a Surrogate in Georgia, Europe chose Georgia for such a complex and responsible program for a reason. Such factors influenced this choice:

    • Georgian legislation is loyal to surrogacy. Surrogacy is legal here. Couples who opt for a surrogacy program get a birth certificate of the child, where they are listed as the legal parents. Due to these conditions, Georgia is a popular destination for international reproductive tourism.
    • Prices for reproductive medicine are much lower than in the USA and Europe.
    • Visa-free regime for Americans. Many processes, including both legal and financial issues, are a part of the surrogate program. Having the freedom to visit the country without any barriers helps make the process both stress-free and comfortable.
    • Most of the Georgian population speak English at a high level. While visiting the country, you may want to experience certain tourist attractions. Although we don’t organize sightseeing tours, it is unlikely that you’ll have a problem with locals.
    • Georgia is one of the most ecologically clean regions. During pregnancy, a surrogate is surrounded by beautiful nature, provided with natural products, and drinks clean mineral water. This helps ensure that the baby is healthy.Georgian women are very disciplined and responsible. As a rule, they are earnest about their health. The birth of children for Georgian women is regarded as a fundamental and sensitive process, so they carefully follow doctors’ recommendations.