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The Pros and Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

The help of a surrogate mother may be necessary not only for couples, but also for single people. After all, we are all different, and there are many reasons as to why someone can’t have a baby. Regardless of the reasoning, there is no reason to give up your dreams of parenthood. Here we have gathered some pros and cons of surrogacy.

The Pros of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

The decision to have a surrogacy is never easy to make. It requires money, time, and plenty of patience. However, before making this decision, it is crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of surrogacy. Here we have decided to describe some benefits of this program first.

With surrogate motherhood, you can have a full family

Regardless of marital status, if you have turned to reproductive medicine, one thing is clear—you want to have a baby. Children can make our lives feel so much more complete. One of the advantages of surrogacy is the opportunity to create a real, large family.

LGBTQ+ couples can become parents

LGBTQ+ couples are often unable to have a child biologically. But is it worth giving up the dream of becoming parents? Thanks to reproductive medicine, everything is possible. Instead of giving up, they can consider all the pros and cons of having a surrogate mother and begin their journey to becoming parents.

One or both potential parents may be genetically associated with the prospective child

Depending on whose sperm and egg are used, one or both partners may also be the birth parents of their baby. The gestational carrier is not considered a birth mother; she doesn’t have any genetic connection to the child, or parental rights.

Surrogate motherhood has a very high success level

With surrogate motherhood, young women up to 35 years old with good health status are chosen and artificially fertilized. The chance of miscarriage is low with this option. Additionally, our clinic is located in Georgia, Europe, with an excellent ecology, benefitting the health of the surrogate mother throughout the course of pregnancy.

Parents are involved in the process of surrogate motherhood and can be involved in their baby’s life from birth

Unlike cases with an adoptive child, in surrogate motherhood, you can experience the development of the fetus from the moment of the embryo creation. You immediately get to know the woman carrying your baby, and you are aware of all the processes through pregnancy. And you can be there all the way through the most exciting moment—the birth of the baby.

The Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

But there are some disadvantages to this method of treatment. Is it worth giving up surrogate motherhood? Here we talk about some cons of surrogacy for parents:

The surrogacy program might be costly, especially in the USA

The cost is often very high, but there are alternatives. For example, you can go to a country where prices are more reasonable. Our clinic is in Georgia, offering high-quality services for a more affordable price.

The process requires medical assistance at all stages

This could be classified not as a disadvantage, but rather simply as an aspect of the methodology. To ensure your family is getting the proper care, choose a clinic with a good reputation and extensive experience.

Surrogacy laws vary from place to place

Surrogate motherhood is not legal in all states of America. In some states, many conditions can limit your choice. But in Georgia, this method of fertility treatment is perfectly legal. The surrogate mother will also have no parental rights over the baby, allowing you and your partner to be stress-free throughout the entire legal process.

Surrogacy requires full trust from the intended parents.

Despite the high success rate, the program results are not always predictable. This is why prospective parents need to feel safe and comfortable in the hands of their clinic and surrogate mother. will take into account all your special needs to help ensure that you only experience the benefits of surrogacy. 

It’s an emotionally complex process

From the surrogacy pros and cons list, this point concerns the surrogate mother. She’ll have to give up the baby after the birth. Fortunately, this role is filled by psychologically mature women who are capable of making their own conscious decisions. Parents are also made aware of the emotional complexity of this process. 

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    How to Choose Your Perfect Surrogacy Option?

    Before making such a serious decision, you should consider the pros and cons of surrogate motherhood carefully. Be sure to do the following throughout the process:

    • Choose a lawyer who will inform you of all the legal rules governing this process and help with all paperwork;
    • Find out whether surrogate motherhood is legal in your state;
    • Study the prices of this program in different countries, clinics, and surrogacy agencies;
    • Surrogacy pros and cons can also vary in different countries, so choose the clinic and the country best suited to you.


    Here we’ve mentioned the pros and cons of surrogate parenthood. But the greatest pro is this— you are presented with an opportunity to share your love and take care of your child. In Georgia, a family is considered to be of the highest value. And here at, you can trust us to give your family the highest quality of care, for reasonable prices.

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